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Technology Short Take 142

Welcome to Technology Short Take #142! This time around, the Networking section is a bit light, but I’ve got plenty of cloud computing links and articles for you to enjoy, along with some stuff on OSes and applications, programming, and soft skills. Hopefully there’s something useful here for you!


  • Bill Doerrfeld discusses the use of WebAssembly to extend the Envoy proxy here after a discussion with Idit Levine, CEO and founder of Envoy is increasingly becoming an important component in many cloud-native networking solutions, so the ability to extend or customize Envoy’s behavior is quite important in my opinion.



Cloud Computing/Cloud Management

  • Etcd—the key-value store behind Kubernetes, among other things—saw it’s 3.5 release recently; here’s the announcement blog post. I was particularly impressed by some of the improvements in this release, such as the 50% reduction in memory consumption during peak usage and the reduction of the etcd code base by half. Great work!
  • I found this two-part series on Kinesis data streams (part 1, part 2) by Anahit Pogosova to be very informative. I was not familiar with AWS Kinesis Data Streams, but at least now I have a rough idea of what’s involved. There’s a ton of information in these two posts, so if this is a key technology for you I highly recommend giving this series a read.
  • This is a good whitepaper on organizing your AWS environment using multiple accounts.
  • Sarah Wang and Martin Casado sparked quite the discussion with this post on the cost of cloud computing. I didn’t find the conclusions of the article to be all that “shocking,” but many folks did (the “TL;DR” is that you should consider/evaluate cloud/cost optimizations as you grow, which may include repatriation).
  • It’s neat to see the Kubernetes Ingress APIs evolving; you can get more information on the Kubernetes Gateway API here. TGIK 148 with the inimitable Josh Rosso may also be useful.
  • Chip Zoller looks at using Kyverno for Kubernetes Custom Resources.

Operating Systems/Applications



Career/Soft Skills

  • Here’s a list of 21 hands-on AWS builders you may want to consider following.
  • Julia Evans has a rule to help with blogging: blog about what you’ve struggled with (hat tip to Ivan Pepelnjak for linking to Julia’s post). It’s a rule I’ve used in the past, and it’s helpful. If you’re thinking about blogging (it’s not for everyone, but it can be quite fulfilling), you might consider following this guideline.
  • This article on the cultural implications of silence was a great read (hat tip to the Learning How to Learn community, which referred me to this article).

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