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Fixing Double Sublime Text Icons on Fedora 25

In my previous post on how to install Sublime Text 3 (ST3) on Fedora 25, I mentioned that I have observed instances where launching ST3 via the subl command creates an additional icon in the Dash. While searching for a solution to an issue with LibreOffice icons, I found a fix for this problem.

The fix is to add this line to the sublime-text.desktop file (typically found in /usr/share/applications):


This tells Fedora and GNOME that when a window with the WMClass of “subl” appears, it should be considered a Sublime Text window. Once you add this line to the sublime-text.desktop file, then launching ST3 either via the GUI or via the subl command should create only a single ST3 icon in the Dash.

Now, back to trying to figure out this LibreOffice icon issue…

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